Welcome to Hitchings Design, 3D Illustration & 3D Animation

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Hitchings Design is a 3D illustration & 3D animation studio, located in Portland, Oregon.  As a 3D artist, I strive to produce compelling images that tell a story, captivate audiences, demonstrate product features and accurately reflect the artistic vision of the client.


Specializing in 3D product illustration, I work from either CAD files or blueprints to create stunning, photorealistic images of products. Often, the product is either still in the design or manufacturing pipeline or is difficult or impossible to photograph.  Either way, I can create an image that can be difficult to distinguish from a photograph.

Not limited to 3d product illustration, I also do architectural visualization, editorial illustrations, virtual sets, visual effects, industrial and packaging illustrations as well as my personal favorite, automotive illustrations.


I also produce 3D product animations.  Whether it’s a video that demonstrates a product’s construction, features and functionality, an architectural fly-through or an animation of a landscape; I bring the same level of quality found in my 3D illustrations to my 3D animations.

If you have any need for 3D illustrations or 3D animations, please give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss your needs, timeframe and budget.